Guitar Repairs in Cheshire. 

Guitar repairs in Crewe

I'm pleased to announce I now offer full guitar set up and repair services.

I have over 35 years experience in Luthier skills, and my services have been used by most of the music shops around, who use my guitar repairs in Cheshire

My clients come from Crewe, Nantwich, Sandbach and most parts of Cheshire.


Having your guitar setup, is a crucial to help improve your playing progress. A setup is literally having your instrument serviced to the best of its capabilities. This ensures you are not "fighting " the guitar which slows progress when learning. It also means its more enjoyable to play.

Keeping your guitar setup regularly maintains it to your desired specification, and prevents any unecessary problems which can arise from neglect!


Would you drive your car for years without a service?

Your guitar needs TLC to keep its value and sustain your playing pleasure.


I'm also pleased to annouce I'm working in partnership with CHD guitars. They are a custom builder of guitars and sitars!


Great news if you need guitar parts or spares, as I'm also an agent for Allparts. they are a supplier of guitar parts, necks and bodies.

If you need any spares, then its worth giving me a call if you are looking for guitar repairs in Crewe.

Setup Electric                                                  £45 inc strings


Setup Acoustic                                               £45 inc strings


Setup Floyd Rose Trem                                £50 inc strings


Refret from   inc set up                                 £240


Fret dress                                                         £80


Top Nut Plastic                                               £25


Top Nut Brass                                                 £45


Top Nut Bone                                                 £45


Restring, oil fingerboard.polish & tune    £25 inc strings


Total Rewire                                                   £85


New Pot                                                           £25 plus parts


New Jack Input                                              £25 plus parts


Pickup replacement                                      £45 plus parts   


truss Rod Adjustment                                   £15




Please call for any other prices for work you require


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