Arena studio Mixing console
Arena studio Mixing console
Arena Studio
Arena Studio

Arena Recording Studio

Hourly rate £35

Recording studio rates. solo/duo £250 per day! Bands £280 per day


BANDS! Book a FRIDAY and pay just £250! Inc full use of the studio plus engineer!!


Mid-week crazy deal...4hrs Tuesday and 4hrs Wednesday ONLY £200!

Band EP Bronze package £475.

2 full days in the studio. 4 trk EP. Includes mixing and mastering

Band EP Silver package £575

2 days recording time. 4 trk EP. Your tracks released on our record label to over 300 digital stores. Monthly sales figures.

Band Gold package £725

The perfect package! 2 days recording for your 4 trk EP and 1 day video shoot of you chosen track. 

The ultimate package £825

2 days recording your EP. 1 day video shoot and distribution of you EP to over 300 digital stores ...ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE MIXING AND MASTERING AND VIDEO EDITING! + 5 CD/DVD copies.

Welcome to the recording studio page! Arena Studio is situated close to Crewe town centre. This puts us close to easy access to the recording studio via motorway, road or rail. We service musicians and bands from Cheshire and Staffordshire in all aspects of studio production, mixing amd mastering. All sessions are engineered and produced by Chris Cragg. He has mixed tracks by Adele, Alicia keys, Jason Derulo and Shayne Ward. So you know you're in safe hands! He is also the owner of Craggstar records, so his knowledge and experience as a producer and musician makes a huge difference to your sessions! The recording studio is a full professional studio with excellent acoustics! He has worked in some of the best studios around as a freelance producer and engineer! He is a Protools power user!!

We run protools with a combination of great mics, valve preamps and valve compressers!

Not only do we have a Mackie 8 buss 56 input console, but we supplement our system with all the best plugins around!

We have the full Waves plugin suites, plus the stunning SSL channel strips with the legendary SSL master buss compresser!!!

We have a collection of massey plugins and we also have the great Ozone mastering suite!

So whatever it is you need we have got it covered!


Whether you want to record a single tune, or a full album we can plan arrange and produce your project for you.

If you are a band, singer or songwriter, we can offer a fully inclusive package where we can supply the musicians to make your tune come alive.

If you are new to the recording process, and not sure whats the best option for your project, then we would love to help and guide you through the process.

Many studios have a stuffy and unapproachable attitude to new studio users, but we have an open door policy to anyone wishing to record for the first time. Contact us and we will gladly guide you through.


Here at Arena Studio we treat your session like your rehearsal. You get to play all at the same time! works like this...

We put you all together in our live room. The amp cabs are then put into isolation. after we have miced drums,bass guitar and vocals etc we give you all a headphone feed and get you to jam away.

We then hit record and however long it takes to play your songs is as long as it takes to record you!

We still have the ability to overdub or drop in. Working this way we capture that live vibe!!!

This is a very fast and productive way to track your songs/album/EP. It creates more mix and master time and therefore gives you a professional sounding broadcast quality product, which is something we are always looking for in the acts we sign to our record label.


Some of our kit


Waves, SSL, Air and Massey Plugins

Izotope Ozone mastering suite

Mackie 56 Channel console

Drumagog Drum Trigger Software

TL Audio Valve Compressers

Industry Mics by Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica and Audix

Sennheiser headphones

Marshall JCM 800 (1983)!!!

Ibanez Jem with Kahler trem

Ibanez SZ520Q


Line 6 pod XT LIVE

Classic Boss GL100!!

Alesis Reverb Units

Behringer Stereo Compresser

Art Multitverb LT

Digitech Vocalist

Ultragain Valve Preamps

Acoustics by Fender/Takamine.


Hundreds of bits of magical stuff too much to mention!

Tel: 07973 892957



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