Arena studio singing lessons in Crewe
Arena studio singing lessons in Crewe

Arena Recording Studio Singing lessons in Crewe. Cheshire. 

Vocal Coach In Cheshire

Hi, you are here because you are probably looking for singing lessons in Crewe, Cheshire. The singing lessons all take place in Arena Recording Studio close to Crewe town centre and are always 1-2-1.


All kinds of singers from beginners to professionals in all styles of music can benefit from our 1-2-1 singing lessons.


Each pupils needs are assessed individually, and a tuition programme is devised to suit them.

Lessons can be weekly or fortnightly

Discounts for upfront payments

Special offer!

Record your vocals to one of our amazing karaoke tracks. Mixed, mastered and you get to take it away with you on the day!

Only available until October 31st 2022.

Just call or email and mention FAB 49

ONLY £49!

Local student Lucy Ollier in ouur performance area at Arena Studio Local student Lucy Ollier

So, what do you get?

Your singing will be with vocal coach Chris Cragg.

I've developed some amazing singers over the years and have become one of the leading vocal coach in Cheshire.

I've coached total beginners to XFACTOR winners, The Voice UK finalists, and I've performed over 3750 professional shows throughout my career. I've designed my own set of vocal exercises, that use a unique 6 day short practice system to give maximum results. Click the link to download.


You will use the full recording studio to capture your voice. This helps you understand recording vocal techniques.

We also have a new LIVE VENUE which you will use to practice performance on stage with lights, quality sound systems and mics.

We can also video you performance!


Student Amy performing her version of Remember Us This Way

You also get full access to my unique online portal which includes practice routines, tabs exercises and more to assist you progress as a singer


Chris has performed solo at OLD TRAFFORD FC to a crowd of over he's no stranger to large and small venues! His experiences put him at the top in the Cheshire area as a singing teacher and is very much in demand for several high flying clients including record labels, and has recently been approached by the BBC to give his input on TV series such as the Xfactor and Britains Got Talent!


So, if you are looking to start singing as a beginner, or are already performing, there is always something to improve on!


Whether a pupil wants to improve generally, or has a particular project with which they want help, I can accomodate.


Pupils already include a diverse range of ages, abilities, styles and requirements.


Some want to improve their singing for their own personal pleasure...some for regular "live" work, and some with greater ambitions!


Do you have a sense of melody? 

Can you hum along with the radio?

Then you already have an ear for music!


You just need the technical skills. 

And that is what you will quickly get with our guidance


Don't worry if you have no singing experience, or even if you've had lessons before and didn't get the results you wanted.



Most teachers just don't know how to get these rapid results.

Student Hannah performing her version of Valerie

One major advantage of my unique methods, is that you master 1 secret then move on to the next.

You learn 1 technique as a habit, and then the next technique, and the next, and so on...


Before you know it're ready to perform!


Every voice is unique.


So, on arrival, you will receive a personalised vocal diagnosis in the first 5 minutes of your lesson. This lets me know where your voice is at.


A tailored vocal workout, that directly deals with whatever strengths or weaknesses your voice has.


Unique and specifically designed exercises that will give you maximum benefits for your voice type.


New tailored workouts every lesson based on how your voice advances from previous lessons and workouts.


A constantly growing vocal development plan, that will guide you and keep you on track towards your goals.


Time to work in the recording studio on tricky songs that you want to be able to sing.


Tips and tricks to helps you through troublesome areas of your voice, and to further your own artistic voice.


Technical support covering:










Phrasing and vibratora


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