Arena Recording Studio Online Recording Services. 

Take your tracks to a whole new level

Electric Guitar (lead parts) £100

Have Chris record all your lead guitar parts for your song. Price includes all guitar tracks needed for your productions

Rhythm Guitar Parts £100

Using all the Arena Studio equipment and let Chris record all your rhythm guitar tracks for your tracks. Inclues all tracks required for your project


Acoustic guitar parts £100

Using a combination of classic preamps and mics, Chris adds that sparkle & experience to your acoustic guitar parts.

Reamping your guitar parts. £50 

Send your guitar parts and I can reamp through all the classic studio preamps and guitar amps.

With over 35 years recording, performing and producing, and being signed to a major label as a session guitarist, you know I will give you the best service.


You can send your audio files across, and I will tell what we need to do to get you where you need to be with your music.


If its just guitar parts, I can either record custom guitar tracks for your own productions, or take your DI parts and run them through the whole studio kit to give you that full professional sound! I can reamp through the classic valve amps by Marshall, Vox and Fender. 


I can produce your full songs for you. Using Zoom (or similar) you can sit in on the recording sessions, so you have total input on what we do through the whole process from start to finish.


I feel that this quality of detail is quite unique, and you get all the experience of using the skills and kit that Chris uses for all his clients and labels.


Online recording services at Arena Studio are popular and you get 5 revisions on all your mixes too!


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